The best PS4 deals in 2016: Get a cheap PlayStation 4 in the UK

The best PS4 deals in 2016: Get a cheap PlayStation 4 in the UK

The PS4 has been out for just over two years, and now is a great time to get one. Sony’s console already enjoys a vast library of games and 2016 is set to be even better. But there’s more. The PlayStation 4 is now cheaper than ever and can be picked up with great games such as Star Wars: Battlefront,Call of Duty: Black Ops III and FIFA 16. Finding the perfect bundle can be a confusing mess to navigate, but worry not – we at Alphr have scoured the internet to bring you the very best Sony PlayStation 4 bundles currently out there.

Best PS4 deals: Best bundle deals on PlayStation 4 console

  1. New Model PlayStation 4 1TB in White – £288.85 @ ShopTo
  2. Sony PlayStation 4 1TB Ultimate Player Edition – £274.49 @ Amazon
  3. Limited Edition Glacier White Destiny Console with Destiny: The Taken King Limited Edition – £298.85 @ ShopTo
  4. PlayStation 4 1B Uncharted and Star Wars: Battlefront – @320.99 @ Tescos
  5. Sony PlayStation 4 500GB with Call of Duty : Black Ops – £299.86 @ Amazon
  6. Sony PlayStation 4 500GB with Star Wars: Battlefront, Destiny: The Taken King, Knack and Now TV 2 month pass – £319.99 @ Game
  7. Sony PlayStation 4 500GB Console with Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection – £288.00 @ Amazon

Best PS4 deals: Why should I buy a PlayStation 4?

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is, undoubtedly, the most popular console out right now. Not only has it sold an amazing 30 million units since its launch in 2013, but it’s on track to dethrone the PlayStation 2 as the fastest-selling and best-selling console ever – and we all remember how fantastic the PS2 was.

While you can get a complete rundown of all the features in our PS4 vs Xbox One comparison, here are some key points to bear in mind:

  • A library of amazing exclusives: Bloodborne, Until Dawn, No Man’s Sky,Street Fighter V
  • The PS4 is far smaller than an Xbox One with integrated power supply, and it’s more stylish to boot
  • It consistently outperforms the Xbox One in side-by-side comparisons of resolution, frame rate and texture quality
  • It’s home to the PlayStation VR headset for completely-immersivevirtual-reality gaming

Best PS4 deals: What should I look for in a PlayStation 4 bundle?

Buying a PlayStation 4 bundle can be a little bit of a minefield. After all, what do you look for when there are so many options available to you?

First things first, you need to work out which storage size PS4 is best for you: 500GB or 1TB? For reference, 500GB is roughly enough space for ten Blu-ray games to be completely installed on your console, as many digital downloads of retail blockbusters will clock in around the 30-50GB mark. If you’re unsure just how much space you need, don’t worry too much as one excellent feature of the PS4 is its completely removable and upgradeable HDD storage space.

After you’ve decided upon size, it’s time to start looking at design. Like any successful games console, the PlayStation 4 comes in a wide variety of liveries – be they limited edition designs or just widely-available alternatives. While most limited editions sell out very quickly, you may be lucky enough to stumble across the silver Batman: Arkham Knight, white and gold embossed Destiny or the garish orange and black Call of Duty: Black Ops III consoles.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly of all, you need to decide what games are right for you. A lot of bundles will come with the most popular latest release from the last few months, perhaps a second controller and a PlayStation Plus subscription. Some bundles will let you add on extra games for a reduced cost or switch titles out for others in a set list. Remember, even if you can’t find a bundle with games you want, it may still be cheaper to buy that bundle and trade those games in at your local GAME or CEX to pick up titles you do want to play.


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