Kickstarter project Baggizmo aims to be the gadget bag for every occasion

Kickstarter project Baggizmo aims to be the gadget bag for every occasion

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The market for gadget bags is an especially crowded one.

Besides general purpose bags with tons of pockets to accommodate to our ever-growing gadget collection, you can find hundreds of specific storage containers for every possible battery-powered gizmo: From smartphone to camera, from tablet to laptop.

And yet, it’s very hard to find the perfect bag that does everything you need while not being too clunky. Baggizmo, a Kickstarter project from Croatia, enters this crowded space with a mission to come as close to that ideal as possible.

Baggizmo does not promise any revolutionary tech or never-before-seen features. Instead, it promises to be smart about every imaginable detail. Its many compartments are connected with hidden cable passages. It has a dedicated headphone cable exit on top and a pocket in the strap to hide small headphones. It’s a messenger bag, but its center of gravity is in the middle of your torso, so the bag never feels off-center. It comes with a bike hook shackle, so it stays fixed to you when you ride a bike. The list goes on.


Project founder Ladislav Juric says the bag, like so many great projects, arose from a personal need. “I needed a bag I can carry everywhere. You can wear Baggizmo casually dressed, but it will also fit on a suit. All my stuff – phone, tablet, charger — fits into it, but it doesn’t feel like I’m carrying a bag,” he told Mashable.

Of course, it’s impossible to create one bag that will satisfy absolutely everyone — some people will want a larger compartment, some will hate the fact that their laptop doesn’t fit, and some just don’t like the style. Ladislav is aware of the issue. “We put a lot of thought into this product. For example, we could’ve made it a little bit bigger, and it could fit a regular-sized iPad (as is, the biggest tablet Baggizmo accepts is a 9-inch one). But the bag would then be just a little too big. We want it to feel like a part of your body, but that doesn’t happen if it’s even a little too big,” he says.


A potential problem is the price. Early Kickstarter backers were able to reserve their bag for $85, but the full retail price is a hefty $130. “We didn’t go for cheap. There’s a lot of cheap, low-quality bags around,” Ladislav tells us. “We chose premium materials, such as water-repellent, abrasion-resistant textile. We wanted the perfect bag, and you can’t get that with too many compromises.”

Baggizmo has raised about half of its desired funding goal, $35,000, with 20 days to go. If it hits $20,000, the project founders will add an extra feature, an NFC tag in the top front pocket. You can check it out here.

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