Hoverboard sale stopped by Amazon

Hoverboard sale stopped by Amazon

Amazon has stopped selling hoverboards, citing growing safety concerns for these self-balancing scooter boards.

In a report by Digital Trends, the Washington-based online store pulled out sales of hoverboards, particularly the one made by leading maker Swagway, “despite the brand having been reliable in the past”.

The decision of Amazon came after reports that the product is prone to catch fire because of cheap lithium ion-batteries used by manufacturers or suppliers. The Consumer Product Safety Commission in the US is investigating at least 11 reports of fires related to hoverboards in the past year.

Hoverboards are are also banned on board the aircraft by major US airlines like the Alaska Airline, United, Delta Airlines and American Airlines, the Forbes reported. [In the Philippines, Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines have made similar announcements. ]

“As cool as they are, there’s one big problem: they are not safe to transport on an airplane,”Alaska Airlines said on its blog.

Hoverboards are the second most-popular Christmas gift this season.

In the Philippines, the sale of these self-balancing electric scooters remain high.

Manila Bulletin Online learned that hoverboard products are still available at the Lazada Group website, an e-commerce company operating in the country. The tech-store CD-R King continue to offer its own brand; but says it is currently out of stock in most  branches in Metro Manila.

Young and old alike have taken to using this transporter. In fact, a video of a Filipino Catholic priest presiding over a mass while on boarda hoverboard  has been doing rounds online.

In the said video, the priest can be seen roaming the aisles of the church while singing and riding on his hoverboard.



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