Highlights of Gov. Jerry Brown’s plan

Highlights of Gov. Jerry Brown’s plan

Here a few highlights of Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed budget for the fiscal year that begins July 1.

Rainy-day fund: Adds $2 billion to the minimum required, bringing fund balance to $8 billion by mid-2017.

K-12 schools: Adds $2.4 billion to bring per-student spending to $10,591.

Higher education: Keeps tuition flat at UC and CSU. Increases core funding by 4.6 percent at CSU and 5.4 percent at UC.

State worker pay: Sets aside $300 million for raises, but suggests workers will have to share cost of retiree health care.

Buildings: Creates $1.5 billion fund for state buildings, including replacement of the Resources building at Ninth and N streets in Sacramento.

Minimum wage: Allocates $250 million to cover $10 minimum wage for government workers.

Drought: Includes $719 million to reduce impacts of the drought, including wildfires.

Developmentally disabled: Offers at least $130 million increase for programs.

Tax breaks: Includes $400 million to fully fund tax credit to help very low-income workers.

Criminal justice: Assumes $29.3 million from reducing some crimes to misdemeanors. Savings would pay to reduce truancy, help crime victims, and provide mental health treatment for parolees.

In-home health workers: Includes $444 million to pay overtime, the result of a federal order. Restores 7 percent reduction in hours, assuming managed care tax is approved.

SSI/SSP: Increases monthly payments for low-income aged, blind and disabled by $17 for individuals and $31 for couples, beginning in 2017.

Climate change: Proposes $1 billion to reduce emissions in transportation, including funding for mass transit and incentives for zero-emission vehicles.

Roads: Reintroduces a variety of taxes, fees and cap-and-trade money, including a $65-per-vehicle highway user fee to generate about $3.6 billion annually for road repairs.

Marijuana: Spends $24.6 million and hires 126 employees across six state departments to develop and enforce regulations for medical marijuana.

Jails: Proposes $80 million for plans, drawings and construction of an adult jail facility in Sacramento County.

Conservation Corps: Spends nearly $20 million for a kitchen, multipurpose room and dorm replacement at the Auburn campus.

Cal Fire: Projects the replacement of 12 “Vietnam-era” firefighting helicopters.

Source: Governor’s proposed 2016-17 budget

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