12 Bros Who Prove You Should Never Skip Leg Day, Bro

12 Bros Who Prove You Should Never Skip Leg Day, Bro

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#1 Forgot Leg Day?

His girlfriend thanks her lucky stars he’s good lookin’ from the hips up. . . and more importantly HAS hairy legs.


#2 Standing Sideways

Dudes who forget about leg day, must NEVER stand sideways or dare having sticks legs. . . better yet, don’t wear shorts.

#3 Weak Leg Supports?

Careful dude, if you build anymore muscles up on top, you might topple over.

#4 He’s ‘Reckless’?

Reckless? Nope, more like “forgetfulness” of LEG DAY.

#5 Don’t Skip Leg Day!

Actually don’t EVER let friends take a full length snap of you.

#6 So Many Skipped Leg Day

What is this, Never Skip Leg Day convention?

#7 Hiding Behind Selfies?

Thankfully for this guy selfies can be snapped from the chest up. But on social media do you ever wonder what people look like “down below”?

#8 Hugh Jackman, AKA Wolverine

Okay, can you believe Wolverine is endorcing no leg day?

#9 At The Gym

Never mind “No Day is Leg Day”, there should be a NO SHORTS DAY.

#10 Calvin Klein Models

Nope, just because they’re working. . . these models don’t have a good excuse for being leg day skippers.

#11 Another One Here

Omg. . . Never mind bird legs. . . Poor dude has toothpick legs!

#12 Confusing Dudes

When your legs are this sexy and better looking than your girlfriend’s. . . everyone gets confused.

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